5 Important Ways Lasers Are Changing Today’s Dental Visits

Benefits of dental lasers

A better dentistry experience in the Park Cities with laser dentistry. 

Gum contouring, one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures, provides a balanced and even smile. While traditional methods involve scalpels and sutures, laser dentistry now allows new options. Soft tissue dental lasers gives you improved results and a better gum contouring experience, during and after your smile makeover.

Here are five benefits of laser dentistry:

1. Increased Precision

One of the primary advantages of laser dentistry in both gum contouring and other applications is incredible precision. A skilled dentist can work precisely with a scalpel, but the modern soft tissue laser takes it to another level.

The laser impacts only directly targeted tissue, leaving adjacent tissue unharmed. This allows for small and precise alterations, which are essential in gum contouring. The difference between a perfectly balanced smile and one with too much, or too little, gum tissue, is mere millimeters.

When guided by a skilled dentist, the soft tissue laser allows for accurate movement on the smallest scale possible. The end result is a smile with a carefully contoured gum line showing the highest degree of smoothness, balance, and symmetry.

2. Reduced Bleeding

Traditional gum contouring involves removing gum tissue with a scalpel. While a skilled dentist controls their cuts carefully, there’s simply no way to avoid bleeding during the procedure. Laser dentistry solves this problem, as the laser both cuts and cauterizes the tissue instantly, minimizing any bleeding.

This improves your experience during gum contouring. While local anesthetic prevents any pain during the procedure, bleeding during traditional gum contouring is still uncomfortable and can leave patients with the taste of blood in their mouth. You’ll enjoy a much more comfortable experience with laser contouring.

Bleeding during the procedure can also impact visibility, making it more difficult for your dentist to make the minute alterations required in gum contouring. Laser gum contouring maintains a clear, unobstructed view of your gumline to enable the best results from your procedure.

3. Less Swelling

Swelling and other side effects after the procedure are among the most significant downsides to traditional gum contouring. Laser gum contouring, with its increased precision and instant cauterization, limits these symptoms.

You’ll have a more comfortable recovery experience after your procedure with laser gum contouring. Swelling, soreness, and sensitivity will all be reduced compared to traditional gum contouring. This lets you get back to your routine during recovery instead of waiting for your symptoms to subside.

If you start to notice symptoms, such as excessive swelling, pain, or bleeding after laser gum contouring, you should reach out to your dentist right away. Identifying the issue and resolving it quickly will help ensure your oral health.

4. Reduced Infection Risk

While traditional gum contouring is a safe procedure, there is always a risk of infection with any treatment that involves cutting tissue. After traditional gum contouring, bacteria in your mouth might infiltrate the cut gum tissue, potentially leading to a serious infection.

Laser gum contouring significantly reduces your risk of infection. First, the laser itself sterilizes the area being cut, killing bacteria on the affected gum tissue. Second, the laser instantly cauterizes the cut, meaning there isn’t an opportunity for bacteria to infiltrate and infect it.

There is also a risk of infection as your mouth heals following traditional gum contouring. Your gums will have sutures to keep cuts closed during recovery. Biting, chewing, and other movements can dislodge sutures and allow the cuts to open again. Laser contouring doesn’t require sutures, so you don’t face this risk.

5. Faster Healing

Traditional gum contouring is a relatively minor procedure, but it still has some recovery time. You might expect some swelling and soreness to last for up to a week. During this time, or at least for the first few days, you’ll have a restricted diet of soft foods to avoid irritating the area or affecting the sutures.

Laser gum contouring provides greatly improved healing times. Your gums should be essentially healed in just a few days. Sticking to soft foods for the first day or so is still recommended due to potential soreness, but you’ll be eating an unrestricted diet again much sooner.

Your recovery will be both brief and mild, with few noticeable symptoms. Laser gum contouring lets you get back to your life with your beautiful new smile as soon as possible.

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