Month: January 2023

Tooth pain causes
From Cavities to Bruxism: 7 Things Your Tooth Pain Could Be Telling You
What’s causing your tooth pain? Generally, you shouldn’t ignore pain. Whether it be a random pain, something that comes and goes, or a consistent throbbing, your body is trying to tell you something. It’s no different when it comes to tooth pain. If you have a toothache, it could be an indicator of a cavity,…
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how to find the best dentist near highland park and university park
5 Things To Keep In Mind When Searching for a Dentist
Tips on How To Find the Best Dentist Near Highland Park and University Park, TX Let’s do the math. If our calculations are correct, each patient spends about 9,240 minutes at the dentist’s office. That’s about 154 hours! Now, you’re probably wondering how we got to that number, and the answer is simple: If a…
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Benefits of dental implants
Aesthetics, Function, and More: 4 Ways Dental Implants Are a Great Option
Benefits of Dental Implants Restoration Tooth loss is a big issue that millions of adults over the age of 30 face. Damage from periodontitis, or advanced gum disease, is the primary culprit of tooth loss in adults, followed closely by untreated tooth decay. Even people with optimal oral health may still face tooth loss from…
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Help for TMJ disorder
Does TMJ Disorder Impact Your Life? It Doesn’t Have to Any Longer!
Need help for TMJ disorder? Jaw pain is like an earache or a toothache: If you have one, it can be all-encompassing, making it hard for you to sleep, relax, or focus. But temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain doesn’t have to impact your life. Trust us—there is relief out there. Read on to learn more about…
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