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Choosing the right dental practice in Highland Park is a crucial decision, not only for your oral health but also your overall well-being. At Dallas Cosmetic Dental, we understand that you need a dentist you can trust. Dr. Alhadef and our dedicated team are committed to providing comprehensive dental care tailored to your comfort and needs.

What sets us apart is Dr. Alhadef’s unique approach, which considers the vital connection between your oral health and systemic well-being. We believe in the powerful mouth-body connection, recognizing that an imbalance in oral health can impact everything from the quality of your sleep to your risk of heart disease. Let us be your dental home in Highland Park, where your smile and overall health are our top priorities.

Your Family’s Dental Home

Choosing your family’s dental home is a pivotal step in maintaining lifelong oral health and overall well-being. A trusted dental home offers continuity of care with a team who can build a deep understanding of your family’s unique dental needs. Regular checkups and preventive cleanings are key to detecting dental issues before they become major problems. In the event you do need treatment, we craft personalized treatment plans for optimal outcomes. At Dallas Cosmetic Dental in Highland Park, we take pride in being that reliable dental home, ensuring that your family’s smiles stay healthy, vibrant, and confident throughout the years.

Same Day Crowns

At our Highland Park location, we bring you cutting-edge dental technology, including the convenience of same day crowns. This innovative solution means you can leave with a fully restored smile after just one appointment, eliminating the need for multiple visits and temporary crowns. Experience time-saving, stress-free dentistry at Dallas Cosmetic Dental.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

The CDC reports that over 90% of adults 20 and older have experienced at least one cavity, with 1 in 4 currently dealing with a cavity. Fortunately, treating cavities is straightforward. Tooth-colored fillings are a safe, aesthetically pleasing choice for addressing tooth decay.

Tooth-colored fillings present a host of advantages when compared to traditional metal fillings. First and foremost, they boast an aesthetically pleasing appearance, seamlessly blending with your natural teeth. These fillings offer a swift and efficient treatment process thanks to light-curing technology, making them an ideal choice for those seeking prompt dental care. The micromechanical bonding of composite resin to the tooth’s structure provides enhanced support for a long-lasting restoration.

Tooth-colored fillings are also remarkably versatile. They are capable of repairing chipped, broken, or worn teeth with exceptional speed. Their mercury-free composition addresses concerns about potential health risks associated with traditional amalgam fillings. Furthermore, tooth-colored fillings exhibit increased resistance to temperature changes, minimizing the risk of cracking or leaking over time.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease, or periodontitis, affects nearly half of U.S. adults over age 30. Signs include bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, pus around teeth, and chewing discomfort. Our Highland Park practice offers premier periodontal therapy to combat these issues and restore your gum tissue to optimal health. We will remove bacterial buildup to encourage tissue reattachment and rid the gum tissue of chronic infection and inflammation. You can trust our team at Dallas Cosmetic Dental to help you safeguard your gum health and overall well-being.

Sedation Dentistry

Your comfort is our priority at Dallas Cosmetic Dental in Highland Park. Dr. Gary Alhadef provides a range of sedation choices, including IV and oral conscious sedation. With sedation dentistry, you can receive dental treatment confidently and comfortably. Bid farewell to dental anxiety and embrace a relaxed, stress-free dental experience.

Dr. Alhadef

Meet Dr. Gary Alhadef

your Highland Park dentist

Dr. Gary Alhadef is a distinguished figure in the field of dentistry. He has earned the reputation of being Highland Park’s premier dentist. His journey to excellence began with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas, where he graduated with honors. Driven by a passion for dentistry, he pursued advanced education at Baylor College of Dentistry, subsequently embarking on a lifelong commitment to continuous learning.

Dr. Alhadef’s influence extends both locally and nationally, where he is celebrated for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry. His achievements include being featured on the Odyssey Channel’s “Cope,” serving as a medical editor for Estate Life Magazine, and contributing to esteemed publications like the Washington Post. Dr. Alhadef’s specialty lies in the art of creating natural, youthful smiles through the transformative power of cosmetic dentistry.

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