Month: July 2023

Stop snoring with a PX3 mouthguard
Is Snoring Disrupting Your Night? A PX3 Mouthguard Can Be the Solution
Has snoring become an issue in your life? Regular snoring can disrupt healthy sleep for both you and your partner, leading to fatigue in your day-to-day activities and tension in your relationship. Oral appliances for snoring, such as the PX3 mouthguard, can provide an excellent way to stop your snoring and improve your quality of…
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Fall in University Park
3 Ways to Celebrate Fall in University Park, Texas
Take advantage of the fall attractions around University Park, Texas. Fall is a truly wonderful time of year filled with countless opportunities. While the area has plenty to offer year-round, fall is always something special. You can take advantage of these ways to celebrate fall in University Park, Texas. 1. Local Places to Visit There…
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Dental implants can fix tooth loss
The Best Solution for Tooth Loss: Dental Implants in Highland Park, TX
The health and wellness benefits of dental implants. Tooth loss is an incredibly common issue and can affect patients of all ages. While missing teeth can impact your health and quality of life in many ways, there are effective treatment options available to restore your smile.  In many cases, dental implants offer the best solution…
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Designing the perfect smile
5 Components of a Mathematically Perfect and Aesthetically Pleasing Smile
What are the elements that create a beautiful smile? You might know a beautiful smile when you see one, but can you explain why? While most people may struggle to put it into words, cosmetic dentistry provides concrete answers. The fine details that go into a perfect smile are often grounded in precise mathematics, and…
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