Month: February 2023

Which is the best crown material
From Gold to Ceramic to Zirconia: Which Crown Material Is Best?
Restore the look and function of your tooth with a dental crown.  Dental crowns are an excellent treatment option for saving a damaged or decayed tooth. The treatment saves the roots and provides a protective cover to stop further damage. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which is the…
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A custom mouth guard comes with many benefits
Who Needs a Custom Mouth Guard and How Is it Made?
Protect your oral health with a custom-made mouth guard. Mouth guards provide a straightforward and effective solution for a variety of problems. They protect your teeth in certain situations and against specific conditions, ensuring continued oral health for years to come. However, not all mouth guards are made equal.  A custom mouth guard will deliver…
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Springtime in Park Cities Texas
6 Ways to Enjoy Spring in Park Cities, Texas
Activities and Adventures During Springtime in Park Cities Texas The Park Cities area is a truly wonderful place to live. With ample greenery, it offers a real connection to nature. It is also just a stone’s throw away from everything Dallas has to offer.  You can make the most of this spring with these seven activities…
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Gum contouring aftercare
Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Mouth After Gum Contouring
Balance out your smile with laser gum contouring.  Laser gum contouring is one of the latest advances in dental technology. Today, you can achieve gum reshaping for a more balanced smile without any cutting. One of the main benefits of this technology is an easier recovery with more straightforward gum contouring aftercare.  Here is everything…
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