Month: October 2023

Is stress affecting your TMJ?
Coping With Stress To Ease TMJ Symptoms: What You Need To Know
The Stress-TMJ Connection Stress can manifest in many ways and contribute to various health issues. For example, you may feel more irritable, overwhelmed, or anxious. Or you might notice physical symptoms as well, such as difficulty breathing, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or chronic fatigue.  You may even start to feel jaw pain, especially if you…
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Best ways to replace missing teeth.
Implants vs. Traditional Dentures: How To Make the Right Choice for You
Top Replacement Options for Missing Teeth Severe tooth loss can seriously affect your ability to enjoy a healthy diet. According to the CDC, 26% of adults 65 and older have eight or fewer teeth. But here’s the kicker: Tooth loss isn’t solely a concern for our senior years. On average, adults 20 to 64 have…
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Ease anxiety by treating sleep apnea.
Breathing Deep, Sleeping Well: Ease Anxiety by Treating Your Sleep Apnea
The Impact of Sleep Apnea on Anxiety The Anxiety & Depression Association of America reports that disorders affect 19.1% of U.S. adults annually, making them the most common mental health condition nationwide. While the causes of anxiety are multifaceted, the consequences are truly concerning. One often-overlooked factor contributing to anxiety is sleep apnea, which the…
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Oral health and Halloween candy.
The Trick to Treating Your Teeth Right: 5 Tips to Navigate Halloween Candy
It’s spooky season, and with that comes the enormous piles of Halloween candy tempting you and your kids. But what’s scarier than the significant amounts of sugar your children (and you!) may consume is the increased risk of tooth decay. These temptations require you to be more diligent with your oral health.   Maintaining good oral…
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