Why You Want to Get a Dental Crown From Dr. Alhadef

Why You Want to Get a Dental Crown From Dr. Alhadef

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What do you do with a cavity so large your dentist can’t fill it? Or a tooth too damaged to restore with dental bonding? The answer? A dental crown.

A dental crown is a fantastic option in both of these scenarios. A dental crown is a tooth restoration technique in which a false tooth is crafted and placed over an existing tooth. It can serve to hold together a damaged tooth or build up a badly decayed one. Regardless, the crown will fill the gap left by your natural tooth, however large, and leave you with an unbroken smile.

Read on to learn more about why you want to get a dental crown from Dr. Alhadef.

Why Might You Need a Dental Crown

As mentioned, a crown can be used to restore decayed or damaged teeth. Small cavities are simple to fill, but larger ones can leave the tooth too weak to stand on its own. Furthermore, filling the cavity can further compromise the integrity of the tooth, making it only a matter of time until you crack or break the tooth completely.

Likewise, you might have a chipped or broken tooth because of an injury or from biting down too hard on a piece of unpopped popcorn. For small chips, dental bonding is a quick procedure with lasting results. However, if too much of the tooth has broken away, it won’t be strong enough to withstand the pressure of biting and chewing on its own, and it will be at risk of further injury.

In many cases, a root canal may also be necessary to avoid infection and pain. This usually happens when the soft pulp inside your tooth has been exposed or there is only a thin piece of tooth left to protect it. The pulp is connected directly to your tooth’s nerve, meaning you’ll experience pain if anything touches it directly. Even if there is enough protection to avoid pain, you may still experience sensitivity to hot or cold.

The root of a tooth is not needed after an adult tooth has grown in, and it makes more sense to simply remove it.

Why Dr. Alhadef Is an Excellent Choice

It requires more than just precise technical knowledge to craft and place a dental crown. It requires a skilled hand with an artistic flair. After all, teeth don’t look exactly alike. Though we might not think about it much, people’s teeth are unique in size, shape, and color.

Dr. Alhadef is well known for his high level of expertise and artistry that few can compete with. On top of having an expert hand, your dentist should choose the right materials to ensure your crown looks fantastic and lasts as long as possible. Dr. Alhadef favors using e.max crowns both for their durability and their natural appearance. The material boasts the perfect blend of translucency and strength to make them look and feel like natural teeth. This material is favored for front tooth crowns.

In some cases, Dr. Alhadef will choose a zirconia crown, which is widely considered to be the best material for crowns. The final product is so incredibly lifelike that no one will be able to tell you have a false tooth.

Cutting-Edge Dental Crown Technology/Imaging

Dental technology changes so fast it seems like new techniques come out almost daily. While many older technologies are still completely valid ways of providing top-notch dental care, you still want to choose a dentist who is on the cutting edge. The right procedure for you may involve new or old technology, but your dentist won’t know what’s good about the new stuff if they don’t keep up with it.

In addition to using the best materials and well-practiced techniques for placing dental crowns, Dr. Alhadef also uses cutting-edge technology.

Typically, dental crowns require about two weeks to be custom-made in the laboratory. However, Dr. Alhadef also works with a CEREC machine that uses a laser scan and digital 3D modeling to craft your new crown all in one day. Once the model is perfect, he’ll mill the crown using the machine while you wait. You can go home with your new crown in one visit!

Experience You Can Count On

When choosing a dentist for any dental procedure, you need quality, experience, and a friendly dentist whose number one goal is your best oral health.

Do you suspect that you need a dental crown? Rather than shoot in the dark by Googling “best dentist near me,” visit a dentist you know you can count on. Book an appointment with Dr. Alhadef today. His goal, and that of his entire team, is to ensure you enjoy the best dental health possible and a comfortable experience at the dentist’s office.

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