How Strong Are Dental Crowns?

How Strong Are Dental Crowns?

Plus 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns save smiles by protecting teeth and covering up cosmetic flaws. If you haven’t had a dental crown before or it’s been years since your last one, you might have some questions regarding their durability, appearance, and the placement process.

Here are answers to 8 commonly asked questions we get from patients who are curious about dental crowns.

1. How strong are dental crowns?

Dental crown materials like porcelain and ceramic may sound delicate, but they are just as strong as natural teeth when it comes to chewing and biting. In fact, zirconia crowns are even more durable than natural tooth enamel.

While an accidental impact to a dental crown can still damage it, dental crowns are very strong when it comes to normal oral functions.

2. How long will my dental crown last?

There are many factors that can affect the longevity of dental crowns, especially oral hygiene and oral habits (such as bruxism).

If you maintain optimal oral health by taking great care of your smile and proactively protecting your teeth from physical damage, you can expect your dental crown to last well over a decade. The average dental crown has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

3. Does a crowned tooth look obvious?

Your dentist’s skill level has a big impact on how natural your new dental crown will look. Dr. Alhadef’s expertise in creating beautiful crowns is so well-practiced that you’d be hard pressed to point out which tooth has been crowned. From the shape and sculpt of the dental crown to the artistically detailed color and shading, your new dental crown will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

4. Do people still get gold tooth crowns?

Gold-crowned teeth peaked in popularity during the 80s. Today it’s still possible to get a gold dental crown if you want one, though hyper realistic tooth-colored dental crowns are a far more common choice. Even silver amalgam dental crowns have fallen out of favor due to their harsh appearance. If you want a gold crown, speak with Dr. Alhadef to find out everything you need to know.

5. Are crowns cosmetic or restorative?

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile dentistry services, both cosmetic and restorative in nature.

From the perspective of dental insurance coverage, a dental crown is considered restorative if it’s needed to restore normal function to a damaged tooth. If you’re electing to get a dental crown to cover up a discolored or chipped tooth that’s otherwise functional and healthy, the crown would be considered cosmetic.

6. How long does it take to get a dental crown?

The process of getting a dental crown is easy, but the length of time can vary.

If your tooth needs a root canal or decay removal, this will add some extra time to your appointment. Cosmetic appointments are generally quicker, but if you’re receiving a zirconia crown there will be a waiting period while your permanent crown is being created. The quickest crown procedure involves same-day CEREC ceramic dental crowns, which are milled right in Dr. Alhadef’s office.

7. Are ceramic dental crowns as tough as others?

Ceramic dental crowns are generally less expensive than zirconia or porcelain crowns and can be milled in-office using CEREC technology. The lower cost and speed of the design can leave some patients curious about whether a ceramic crown is tough enough. We’re happy to say that the answer is yes!

While our zirconia crowns are the most durable material available, our ceramic crowns are also very strong and will last 10+ years with proper care. For an affordable dental crown that’s beautiful and reliable, CEREC crowns are a wonderful choice we’re very proud to offer.

8. What are zirconia dental crowns?

Zirconia dental crowns are considered to be superior by many standards. They are the most durable material, naturally stain-resistant, and mimic natural teeth in translucency and gloss in a way that most other materials can’t. Zirconia is actually a type of ceramic, though it’s referred to by name and not as a “ceramic crown.”

If you’re curious about the advantages of zirconia crowns, Dr. Alhadef will be happy to go through all of the details with you during your consultation.

Learn how a dental crown can enhance your smile by scheduling a consultation today.

Dr. Alhadef is a brilliant cosmetic dentist who also provides comprehensive dental services, including preventive care, general dental care, and restorative dentistry. If you’re interested in getting a beautiful new dental crown in a compassionate, gentle environment, we welcome you to book a consultation with our team.

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