Love and Laughter: A Shared Experience With Tooth Whitening for Two

Tooth whitening for two this Valentine's day.

Spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love.

This February 14th, do you know what your significant other really wants? Maybe it’s a physical gift, like a handmade necklace or a personalized item. Or perhaps they would love an experience-related present, such as a weekend getaway or a spa day. Whatever it is your valentine desires, make sure you’re spending some time together as a couple. We’ve got a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Tried-and-True Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day can have you looking into your wallet for some extra cash for a gift. Jewelry and nice meals are always safe options and continue to remain some of the most popular. In fact, people spent $5 billion on jewelry gifts in 2023 alone, while another $4.5 billion went toward special evenings out (think fancy dinners). WalletHub says the average person will spend around $200 for their valentine, with men spending twice as much on their partners as women.

Decadent sweets are a staple for this particular holiday, so you won’t have any trouble finding them. But note that they appear to be slipping in popularity: Though over half of buyers say they will purchase chocolate or candy for their loved ones this year, only 34% of women and 20% of men say that is something they actually want to receive on Valentine’s Day. 

Flowers, one of the top three most-popular gifts to purchase for Valentine’s Day, are a safer bet, with nearly 40% of people choosing bright blooms for their loves.

Beyond the Usual Suspects

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts may not be what you are looking for, however. Many millennials especially enjoy experiences as gifts. In fact, 92% of Americans prefer to be given experiences. If traveling to a new destination isn’t in your budget, look for something that your date has a passion for. For instance, if they love to cook, consider taking a cooking class together. If they are the creative type, try heading to a pottery class to learn something new as you enjoy quality time. 

Tooth-Whitening for Two

Buf if your valentine is the type who is looking for something a little bit different, why not look at a different type of shared experience for the two of you? If they love to show off their smile, a tooth-whitening treatment at Dallas Cosmetic Dental can be a thoughtful gift that the two of you can share.

A tooth-whitening treatment can make your smiles look brighter and younger. Over the course of your life, your teeth can accumulate extrinsic stains thanks to the foods and drinks you consume frequently. Coffee, tea, wine, and pasta sauces (just to name a few) contain tannins, which are known to stain the teeth. While brushing your teeth is important for your overall dental health, even the best toothbrushers can still have smiles that aren’t bright white because of these stubborn tooth stains.

So if your partner is looking to get their teeth whitened, why not share in the experience together?

Dallas Cosmetic Dental offers both in-office and at-home tooth-whitening treatments to suit your preference. For in-office whitening, we use the Zoom system, which combines a professional-grade whitening gel and a high-intensity light to whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter! The one-time treatment lasts about an hour from start to finish for a quick appointment that makes a dramatic difference.

However, if you and your loved one would rather whiten your teeth on your own time, the at-home option will be the better fit for you. For this solution, we will custom-make clear whitening trays for you and your partner.

When you’re ready to whiten your teeth, you will fill the trays with a special whitening gel and wear them for anywhere from an hour to overnight, depending on the types of results you are looking to achieve. This means you and your love can whiten your teeth while watching a movie or playing a game and enjoying time together in the comfort of your own home. The at-home whitening option will slowly lift tooth stains to produce noticeably whiter smiles over the course of a week or two.

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Couples tooth whitening is a unique gift for the person who likes to try new things and take care of their oral health. If you are interested in giving the gift of a whiter smile this Valentine’s Day, schedule appointments with Dallas Cosmetic Dental for you and your loved one and get started on your journey toward bright smiles together!