Professional Teeth Whitening: Before, During, After

Professional Teeth Whitening: Before, During, After

Are you interested in professional teeth whitening?

There are so many reasons to smile this year. You made it! After a year of lockdowns and learning how to conduct business remotely, returning to physical interactions has many of us ready to update our wardrobe and our smiles. One of the most popular way to brighten your smile is teeth whitening.

Worried about the time it takes to get a brighter smile? Getting professional cosmetic dental services that improve the overall appearance of your smile may be quicker and easier than you ever imagined. If you’re ready to freshen up with professional teeth whitening in the Dallas, TX, area, read this informative guide on what to expect from the latest in whitening technology.

The Benefits of Smiling

If you are considering brightening your smile this year, there are many benefits to enjoy. When we feel relaxed to genuinely smile, a host of feel-good reactions within our bodies help us feel our best and promote good health.

When you know you look your best, you’ll experience a boost in confidence. Could feeling more comfortable initiating conversations and leading presentations also lead to increased productivity in your work life? We think so!

Did you know your smile also helps others? The quarantine lifestyle gave many people much-needed time to reflect. Finding ways to promote a lifestyle in which all people feel valued and happy continues to gain mainstream attention. Offering a smile to others may be a great place to start.

Smiling is a natural expression that extends trust and welcoming feelings to others. If you’ve been hesitant to give the gift of a bright, white smile to yourself in the past, know that caring and quality dentistry is available to help you start.

Meet Dr. Gary E. Alhadef.

Dallas Cosmetic Dental is fortunate to offer the best in cosmetic dentistry under the leadership of Dr. Alhadef. He offers personalized solutions for each individual’s dental needs with the warmth of traditional southern hospitality.

Dr. Alhadef is especially well known for his cosmetic dentistry work. He is always striving to educate himself and others on the advancements of dental technology. Dr. Alhadef is able to provide “cutting-edge technology to achieve amazing results while making treatments faster, easier, and more comfortable than ever.” Dr. Alhadef has continued to develop his expertise in cosmetic dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), one of the world’s premier cosmetic dentistry training centers.

You can feel confident that your goals for improving your smile will be greeted with care and expert advice.

Before Professional Teeth Whitening

Dental tooth whitening procedures by a highly trained cosmetic dentist like Dr. Alhadef provide professional results. The level of whitening that can be achieved in a short amount of time with professional tooth bleaching from an experienced cosmetic dentist just cannot be achieved with over-the-counter treatments.

Take your first step to a fresher smile by scheduling a visit with Dr. Alhadef for professional tooth whitening in Dallas, TX. You will enjoy an informative consultation and meet additional team members who are ready to assist you.

Before your appointment, plan your visit by conducting a convenient virtual tour of our offices from our website. Read patient testimonials. You may also enjoy reviewing the FAQ, which could offer answers to your own questions about cosmetic dentistry.

For busy professionals with privacy requirements, enjoy VIP services at Dr. Alhadef’s dental suite. Your comfort and confidentiality are given top priority with these services that are tailored for your specific needs.

What to Expect During a Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! is a professional tooth bleaching process that lightens and brightens natural tooth enamel from the discoloration that occurs in everyday life. You may be wondering, How will it look? Well, Dr. Alhadef prides himself on providing custom whitening services that are fresh and natural in appearance.

Whitening is a safe and pleasant dental procedure when performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist. The Zoom! whitening procedure is effective in transforming the appearance of teeth by up to eight shades! That is something to really smile about. The entire procedure generally takes less than one hour. Bring your favorite playlist and prepare to indulge in some relaxing, comfortable “me time”.

After Your Whitening Procedure

Before you know it, your whitening procedure will be all done. Dr. Alhadef will talk with you about maintaining your results and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Alhadef can prescribe at-home Zoom! whitening treatments so you can maintain your brightened tooth shade. Rest assured you will be given easy-to-follow directions and professional materials that are only available through your dentist.

With this treatment, Dr. Alhadef will provide you with custom-designed trays you can fill with a whitening gel and wear in the comfort of your home. Some trays can even be worn while you sleep. You can also wear them for just a few hours for touch-ups.

As with any visit to our office, Dr. Alhadef and his team are always prepared for any follow-up questions you may have and encourage you to reach out at any time after your whitening procedure.

Visit the best cosmetic dentist in North Dallas, TX.

It’s time to get back out in the world with confidence! Ready to talk about how professional teeth whitening in Dallas, TX, can give you a boost of confidence and a smile you can’t wait to share? Visit us at Dallas Cosmetic Dental and schedule an appointment with Dr. Alhadef.

Dr. Alhadef is a North Dallas cosmetic dentist who offers the best in both artistry and skill. Enjoy comfort and privacy with VIP services tailored to meet your demanding schedule. We look forward to getting to know you and seeing your smile!

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