Invisible Aligners

Straight teeth without braces—is it possible? Anyone who has ever had braces or had a child with braces knows they are a hassle. Sometimes, braces are painful too—those brackets can rub on the soft tissue of your cheeks and lips. While braces are often necessary to correct a patient’s smile, just as often they can skip the braces altogether and use Invisalign instead. 

A Perfectly Aligned Smile and Bite

Invisalign is an orthodontic system Dr. Alhadef uses to help his patients obtain a straighter smile. You wear clear, plastic aligners that apply a gentle, steady pressure on your teeth to slowly move them in the right direction. 

As these aligners do their job, you’ll switch to aligners that are progressively more in-line with the desired final outcome to create a beautifully straight smile.

But it isn’t all about straight smiles. While having perfectly aligned pearly whites is what Hollywood smiles are made of, it’s more important to have a perfectly aligned bite. Why is that important? Because it reduces wear and tear on your teeth. And less wear and tear on your teeth means fewer issues down the road.

Sure, braces can achieve this too. So why should you choose Invisalign?

Invisalign in Dallas Texas

Choosing Invisalign

Invisalign has been an easy choice for over 500,000 people in the last few years. What makes these clear aligners so desirable? One word: convenience. 

Invisalign is ideal for busy adults. Imagine for a moment you choose braces. Now imagine your calendar and all of your commitments over the next 18 months or more. Do you have time in that schedule to come in for frequent visits with Dr. Alhadef to have your braces tightened and checked? You also have to think about what you eat with braces so you don’t dislodge a bracket or wire. 

There’s also the fact that everyone can see you’re wearing braces. Especially as an adult when it’s less typical, wearing braces can make you feel less confident about your smile. 

With Invisalign, these inconveniences don’t exist. 

After your initial consultation to discuss Invisalign, your goals, and your treatment plan, Dr. Alhadef and the team will take photos of your smile. The team will also obtain an impression of your teeth. That impression forms the basis for your retainer-like aligners. Using Invisalign’s design technology, Dr. Alhadef will create your almost-invisible aligners. The number of aligners a patient needs varies, but you’ll need somewhere between 18 and 30 different Invisalign aligners. You’ll wear one around the clock (except during meals) for two weeks before switching to the next one in the series designed specifically for you. 

The biggest commitment you’ll need to make for Invisalign is to wear these clear aligners as much as possible every day. But the best part is hardly anyone will notice you have them on.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign?

Tens of thousands of patients across the nation have been treated with Invisalign. This procedure is used to straighten teeth in the same way that braces are designed to do.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an almost-invisible braces alternative. With a series of trays, or clear aligners, your teeth can be repositioned to form a more ideal bite and aesthetic. These aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day to see results. We encourage patients to take them out during meals, and to rinse, brush, and floss at least twice a day. If you eat or drink something especially sugary, then we encourage an extra brushing session before putting the aligners back on.

How can Invisalign be as effective as braces?

Just as with braces, Invisalign is a custom solution that fits your teeth precisely. It takes time to reposition teeth no matter what route you take, but Invisalign produces results in about the same amount of time it takes with braces. Dr. Alhadef’s years of experience guiding the Invisalign process means he knows what he’s doing, and it means you’ll see the results you’re aiming for—as long as you wear the aligners as you should.

How long must I wear Invisalign?

The answer to that depends on the severity of your misalignment. Invisalign patients sometimes complete the process in as little as six months, while others may take up to two years. Either way, you can be sure the almost-clear plastic aligners will be much more comfortable and much less obvious than traditional braces.

Is there something that can give me straight teeth in less time?

If you’re looking for results in as little as a couple of weeks, porcelain veneers are the clear option. Veneers are completely different from braces and Invisalign in that they don’t correct your existing teeth; instead, thin shells of ceramic material are placed over your existing teeth. Dr. Alhadef uses Micro Advanced Cosmetic (MAC) veneers, which have set standards for decades and can last a lifetime.

I’m an adult. Do I really need straight teeth now?

Of course you do. A straight smile is a lot less about the confidence boost a beautiful smile will give you and a lot more about preventing long-term issues with your teeth. Perfectly spaced and aligned teeth means you’ll be able to clean them more easily. And that means less chance of dental decay and cavities forming. It also means your bite will be in alignment which can prevent chips, cracks, and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), a painful disorder that will affect your quality of life. 

We want to see your smile!

Invisalign is just one of the services available through Dr. Alhadef, a cosmetic dentist serving Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, and Plano, Texas. Please schedule an Invisalign appointment today.

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