5 Incredible Celebrity Smile Makeovers

5 Incredible Celebrity Smile Makeovers

Celebrity Smiles

They may have millions (or billions!) of dollars and the paparazzi following their every move, but celebrities are vulnerable to dental imperfections just like the rest of us. These problems include crooked teeth, teeth stains, chips, gaps, and more.

While a few celebrities (we’re looking at you, Steve Buscemi) choose to keep their “uniquely” imperfect teeth, most opt to correct their dental issues. This approach makes sense as many celebs’ attractiveness is tied directly to their marketability. Modern cosmetic dental treatments are usually quick and comfortable, permitting celebrities to fit these procedures into their busy schedules. Also, while the stars may be loaded, cosmetic dentistry does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Take a look at what combined cosmetic dental treatments, also known as a smile makeover, did for these stars and what these treatments can do for you. Here are five celebrities who went from a lackluster smile to dental perfection through the magic of smile makeovers.

1. Emma Watson

Jokes about stereotypically bad British teeth aside, the Harry Potter star now has a gorgeous smile to match the rest of her attractive appearance. By comparing photos of her childhood movie roles with modern pictures, we know that she has certainly had some professional teeth whitening performed. It’s also possible she has a set of veneers.

Also noticeable are Watson’s straight teeth, a feature she lacked in childhood. This improvement is likely a result of a transparent aligner, such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect, or another form of discreet orthodontic correction. Unlike metal braces, patients can use clear aligners to benefit from bite correction and straighter teeth without the public—or paparazzi—ever noticing.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Another former child star, LiLo has been through some rough times. The actress and singer went down a path that is all too common for Hollywood stars, abusing alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Naturally, these excesses had a detrimental effect on her teeth, causing them to appear darkened, shortened, and aged.

The latest reports are that Lohan, now in her early thirties, is back on her feet. If her new smile is any indication, these reports are true. Lindsay now has bright, white teeth that appear even and symmetrical. She probably had some crown lengthening performed via gum sculpting and/or dental bonding. It also would not be surprising to discover she underwent whitening treatments or possibly veneers for well-proportioned and dazzling teeth.

3. Zac Efron

The High School Musical and Hair Spray actor had a large gap between his upper front teeth for many years. The dental term for this feature is a diastema. It is not an uncommon occurrence, and you can notice it in other well-known figures like Condoleezza Rice.

A gap-toothed smile can be cute in children, but Efron is now in his thirties. Having the gap fixed has granted him a more mature and professional look. To accomplish this, his dentist likely used some form of orthodontic correction and maybe some bonding. It also looks like Efron has had teeth whitening as well, a treatment most everyone could use.

4. Miley Cyrus

This singer and actress has come a long way since Hannah Montana. This progress is also apparent in her smile. Back when she was a child star, Miley had a “gummy smile.” This excess gingival tissue caused her teeth to appear short and stubby. Otherwise, her teeth were straight, bright, and attractive, but her gummy smile detracted from her overall appearance.

Since that time, Miley has obviously had gum contouring performed. This procedure uses a laser to sculpt and reshape the gums, providing a more symmetric appearance. Laser gum contouring typically has a brief recovery time and produces attractive results.

5. Gwen Stefani

It’s hard to believe that the lead singer for No Doubt is almost 50. She certainly does not look her age. Part of Stefani’s youthful appearance is definitely due to her great teeth. Gwen has an attractive, bright, and even smile that would not be out of place on a person decades younger.

But this wasn’t always the case. In the past, her teeth were crooked and out of alignment. We know that Gwen had this problem corrected with metal braces since there is photographic evidence of her wearing metal orthodontic appliances. Stefani has also had her teeth bleached to lighten their color, likely done after her braces were removed.

Smile Makeovers for the Rest of Us

Of course, you don’t have to be a Hollywood celeb to benefit from a smile makeover. Expert cosmetic dentists like Dr. Gary Alhadef in Dallas, TX provide a variety of appearance-enhancing treatments for a complete makeover of your smile. Even if you do not make your living in the spotlight, attractive and healthy-appearing teeth can give you a huge boost in self-confidence and change the way people view you.

Another advantage of having your smile enhancements completed by a doctor like Dr. Alhadef is that he understands the true artistry it takes to give you that “not-too-perfect” smile. You want human, easeful beauty, not the denture-look. He gets that. More than most.

Are you ready to have the smile you want? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alhadef now.

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