Your Dental Crown Made in 30 Minutes in Dallas, TX

Your Dental Crown Made in 30 Minutes in Dallas, TX

Why wait weeks for a crown when you can have a new smile the same day?

A crown is a type of tooth restoration that can help resolve a number of common dental issues. You can restore the appearance of your smile and ensure that the restored tooth is strong and healthy. Tooth decay, physical damage and wear, and a variety of other factors can lead to patients needing a dental crown.

Traditionally, dental crowns have been made from porcelain or ceramic and require multiple appointments. The first appointment is used to take dental impressions and imaging, which are then used to custom-make the crown at a specialty lab. After that, another appointment is required to affix the crown. However, new developments in same-visit dental crown technology are making getting a dental crown easier than ever before.

What are same-day dental crowns?

Same-day dental crowns can be made from several different materials: Emax made from lithium disilicate and zirconia are two that we use here at Dallas Cosmetic Dental. Both of these materials meet the key requirements for dental crowns. They’re strong, durable, and match the color of your natural teeth.

In general, Emax crowns are considered to be the most natural-looking option as they mimic the translucency of your teeth. However, zirconia crowns also look great and are incredibly strong. Both are perfectly suitable for a front tooth crown, unlike some other materials that might not blend in with your other teeth as well.

The big difference here is that the crown development process can be done in-office while you wait. These materials don’t require specialty labs to create your crown. Instead, your dentist can take the necessary impressions and imaging and create the crown that very day, within just 30 minutes!

Same-day dental crowns work the same way as conventional dental crowns once they’ve been applied. The only difference is at the crown creation stage. You’ll still undergo the same method of preparation, with the dentist removing material from the affected tooth to prepare it as a base for the crown. However, at this point, the procedure changes.

Ordinarily, the dentist takes an impression and then gives you a temporary crown that protects your tooth but isn’t designed to be a perfect fit or look. You then have to wait several weeks for the crown to be made and arrive from the lab. With 30-minute dental crowns, the dentist applies your permanent crown during that same visit.

CEREC Crown Technology

It’s not only new materials that make same-day dental crowns possible, but advances in digital technology as well. Same-day crowns are developed using the CEREC method. This is the unique solution that allows you to receive your crown in a single visit.

The process starts with advanced 3D photography to generate a high-resolution model of your mouth and teeth—no more putty impressions! This vital step allows your dentist to create a crown that fits perfectly with your other teeth. You get the best possible fit to avoid discomfort, wear on other teeth, and other issues. The digital image of your new crown is then fed into a computer-guided carving machine with a diamond bit to sculpt your crown.

This technology is used for a variety of tooth restorations, such as crowns, onlays, inlays, and veneers. In all of these cases, the CEREC method streamlines treatment and delivers excellent results.

Find out if same-day crowns are right for you.

Crowns are an effective tooth restoration method in many cases. Your dentist can evaluate whether a crown is the right solution for your unique dental situation. If a dental crown is your best option, your dentist can then determine whether you’re a candidate for same-day crowns.

Same-day crowns are highly effective, but they aren’t right for everyone. Very complex dental cases can mean that more intensive design is required for your dental crown. This is particularly true if you have complications below the gumline or affecting the jaw. The only way to find out for sure is to reach out to your dentist.

Top-of-the-line Crowns in Dallas

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Dallas Cosmetic Dental is committed to providing personalized care for all patients. You can schedule a consultation to find out whether a same-visit dental crown is right for you or to book a virtual consultation to get some basic information. Contact Dallas Cosmetic Dental for the best dentist in Dallas today.