Why Little Moments Matter Most: What to Appreciate This Holiday Season

Why Little Moments Matter Most: What to Appreciate This Holiday Season

Little Moments to Celebrate this Holiday Season

The holidays have a sort of magic that brings out the little kid in everyone. Whether it’s the twinkling lights, the traditions, or the warm fires, we can’t help but feel enthralled and enchanted by it all. There’s no denying that this holiday season is like none other. As uncertainties hang in our midst, a feeling of melancholy threatens to overtake the merry. Yet, there are plenty of beautiful little moments to be found, and what matters most in life hasn’t changed. If you look for it, you’ll find there is good around every corner of the world, ready to be discovered by those willing to search for it.

With so much to do around the holidays, it’s easy to get stressed out by the hustle and bustle. This becomes more true as we get older and the innocent childhood joys of the season give way to gifts, grocery lists, and endless to-dos, our minds more on tasks than tinsel. However, this is the perfect season to reflect and remember the cornerstone moments, both big and small, that define the trajectories of our lives.

Do you remember the first bike you got under the Christmas tree? In due time, it likely collected dust in the garage and was soon replaced by car keys. For a brief time, though, it was your ticket to exploring the neighborhood in a way you never had. Then, of course, there are the moments spent around the table, holding the hands of those we love. Some may be gone now, and you might have added other chairs in the meantime. Indeed, the holidays and nostalgia go hand in hand, and remembering these moments can stir up a host of memories.

It’s these reflections that buoy us during hard times. Even if this year has felt particularly heavy, it hasn’t been without its heart-warming moments. Today, we’re sharing 5 ways our world is actually getting better, even amid all of the confusion and chaos swirling around this particular moment in time. So grab another eggnog, sit back, and let’s check out some refreshingly good news.

1. A Renewed Focus on Family

When you’re in the throes of everyday living, it can be difficult to spend real, quality time with those you love. Yet, this year has taught us that if anything really matters, it’s the relationships you build. While staying at home might have led to more than a few bouts of stir-craziness, it’s also allowed us to bear witness to some truly incredible moments we may have otherwise missed. This includes time with the littlest members of your family. Over this past year, 75% of American parents witnessed a key milestone in their child’s life as they spent time at home. From potty training to virtual graduation, life didn’t stop. But for once, we were able to.

2. Lower Carbon Footprint

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It really is brighter and clearer outside your window.

One of the biggest recent global improvements is the unprecedented drop in carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, this decrease is even more substantial than the one experienced during World War II. For the first time in years, the sky is finally blue over Delhi, India. All around the world, air quality is improving, and the earth is breathing better than ever.

3. Pet Adoption Increases

There’s no denying the support and companionship a furry friend can bring. Recently, shelters and rescue centers around the country have reported incredible surges in demand, with many reporting adoptions at double their normal rate.

Earlier in the year, this movement occurred as people took on foster pets in an attempt to clear shelters ahead of a shutdown. Now, more people are looking to adopt their new best friend for good, and inventory is at a record low.

4. A Return to Simplicity

Drive-in movie theaters are cool again and are popping up in small towns and big cities across the U.S. For the first time since the 1980s, vinyl record sales surpassed CD sales. From bread-making and gardening to reading and crafting, there’s a newfound appreciation for everything simple, natural, and homemade. We’ve started to realize that instant gratification is fleeting, but the real things are made to last.

As a result, fast-paced commercialism is taking a backseat to authentic living. In turn, this translates into the desire to curate a more meaningful, connected life. We’re talking on the phone more and even sending snail mail to stay connected. While we could’ve expected the surge in internet use as more people worked from home, old-fashioned voice calls were the sleeper hit no one saw coming. The number of cellular calls has risen 35% lately, compared to a 20% to 25% increase in internet traffic.

5. Surges in Charitable Giving

If there’s any indication that the world is on an upswing, it’s evident in the tremendous outpouring of love and support we’re more openly sharing with one another. This includes those who are marginalized, impoverished, or otherwise in need of support. In one recent survey, nearly 40% of people said they wanted to give even more to charity this year than they did in 2019. We’re looking around more for opportunities to give, whether that’s of our time, finances, or resources.

Keeping the Joy and Hope This Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, we’re excited to embrace everything this time of year has to offer. While we never want to downplay the serious nature of this past year, there have been many wonderful positives to come out of 2020 too. If you’re feeling nostalgic about the yuletides of the past, consider this an invitation to return to your roots. It’s never been easier to laser-focus on the importance of what matters most in life and the beauty of simple joys.

Our dental family is here for yours during this season and each one after that. If you need anything from our office, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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