The dental care you need with an exclusive experience.

VIP dental service is like a concierge for your dental health.

Our team is here to help you relax and feel cared for no matter what type of dental treatment you need.

You’re a busy person who doesn’t often have the ability or privacy to make seeing the dentist a priority. Dr. Gary E. Alhadef and the entire dental team are here to help you make your dental health a priority—and to help you treat yourself while you do. Whether you’re a CEO, thought leader, public figure, or account executive, your comfort and privacy is our top priority.

Give yourself a dental health experience that includes comfort, expert care, and convenience. Schedule a VIP dental experience.

There are a few à la carte options to choose from to tailor your experience:

  • Transportation to and from Dr. Alhadef’s dental studio suite.
  • Reserve the entire day or a portion of it for a private experience.
  • Exclusive appointment times.
  • Local guide concierge to book your stay.

Dr. Alhadef is known for his skill in general dentistry and his artistry as a cosmetic dentist. He also works closely with an anesthesiologist to provide in-house anesthesia for those patients and procedures who need it. His team is trained in and follows the latest safety guidelines for sedation dentistry and dentistry as a whole.

Request your VIP dental experience by filling out the form below or by giving us a call at 214-403-2456.

Meet Dr. Alhadef

Dr. Gary E. Alhadef is an industry leader with a reputation for exceeding patients’ expectations. He’s kind and compassionate, understanding that the trust his patients give him is a valuable gift meant to be met with respect and safeguarded. His approach and attitude have attracted only the best dental team to create a welcoming environment for his patients.

Make the choice to make your dental health a priority.

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