Tooth Colored Fillings

In the past, having a cavity meant that you had to fill it with an unsightly metal filling. Today, cosmetic dentistry has developed fillings that perfectly match the color of your teeth, providing you with an effective, unnoticeable restoration.

These versatile fillings can be placed on front or back teeth, and can be used to treat nearly any cavity that metal fillings can treat. In addition to preserving your white smile, tooth-colored fillings cause less tooth sensitivity because they don’t conduct hot and cold temperatures as much as metal fillings do. They also require less of your tooth to be removed during the filling process because tooth-colored fillings bond more readily with your tooth through a chemical bond that doesn’t require healthy parts of your tooth to be removed. Metal fillings, however, require undercuts to help the metal bond to the surface of your tooth, removing essential structure. With a metal filling, your tooth may be more prone to cracking in the future. 

To place a tooth-colored filling, Dr. Alhadef will first administer local anesthetic, numbing the area to keep you from experiencing discomfort during the procedure. He will then remove the decay in your tooth before cleaning the area and ensuring that it’s dry. Tooth-colored fillings are generally applied in layers. Between applying each layer, Dr. Alhadef will use a special light to harden the filling. Once the cavity is filled, Dr. Alhadef will shave off the excess material and polish the filling. We will also check your bite to make sure the filling isn’t too tall.

Whether you have a new cavity or an old one that was filled with an amalgam filling, a tooth-colored filling is a durable and attractive option to preserve your natural teeth.

What are metal-free fillings?

Fillings are dental restorations used to fill the space in a tooth caused by a cavity. In the past, fillings were made of metal amalgam. Today, cosmetic dentistry uses metal free fillings to fill cavities. Metal free fillings are less noticeable, and can be placed in just one short visit to Dr. Alhadef’s Dallas, Texas cosmetic dentistry studio.

What is a tooth-colored filling made of?

Tooth-colored fillings can be made from three different materials. The most common is a composite resin, which is composed of plastic resins and silica fillers. This type of tooth-colored filling will last about five years or more with good dental care.

If the lifespan of your filling is a concern for you, tooth-colored fillings can also be made of porcelain. This material allows the filling to last you well over a decade—about 15 years or more if you practice good oral hygiene.

What are the advantages of metal-free fillings?

There are many advantages of metal-free filling over traditional metal amalgam fillings. First, metal-free fillings are more natural looking than metal fillings. Metal fillings can turn very dark or black over time, while metal-free fillings are tooth-colored fillings to provide a seamless restoration. Secondly, metal-free fillings expand and contract just like your natural tooth, unlike metal fillings. This prevents the chance of the filling causing your tooth to crack. Lastly, metal-free fillings don’t conduct heat and cold like metal fillings, making teeth less sensitive after they have been placed.

How do I care for my filling?

You should practice great oral hygiene both to protect your newly filled cavity and to prevent future decay in your other teeth. A good oral hygiene routine includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash at least once daily, as well as visiting Dr. Alhadef for checkups every six months.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a tooth-colored filling?

Most insurance companies will help with the cost of your filling but won’t cover the entire cost; they generally pay up to the amount that a metal filling would cost. Whether or not your insurance covers a tooth-colored filling depends on your company’s policy and your individual insurance plan. When you and Dr. Alhadef discuss which type of filling is right for you, you can also discuss how much your insurance is likely to pay and what will be left to you so that you aren’t blindsided by the cost.

Our Dental Team will Take Care of Smile

If you have a cavity or an older metal filling that you would like to repair or replace with porcelain fillings, contact cosmetic dentist, Dr. Alhadef, in his Dallas studio to schedule your initial dentistry consultation.

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