i-Tero for Imaging

Fitting a patient’s teeth for orthodontics is important, but patients often hate the gag-inducing process of making the impressions (molds).

i-Tero replaces molds for creating impressions of your teeth, while also speeding up the process and making the corrections faster, more effective, and less trouble.

We use the latest in dental imaging technology, so you’ll get fitted for orthodontics much more quickly, will get a better fit, and will also experience fewer adjustments along the road.

i-Tero makes orthodontics more streamlined and less invasive by providing:

  • 3x faster set-ups
  • 10x fewer rejections
  • 7x fewer fit issues
  • Simulated outcomes for patients
  • Better patient comfort and experience!

Nice office, extremely friendly and courteous staff, excellent cleaning (ouch), fun technology. I have been with Dr Bob for 37 years. I will miss him, but am looking forward to being your patient.

– Nick M.

We want to see your smile!

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