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If there’s ever a time we should talk about mouthwash, making it during the month of February should be a given. After all, this is the month of lovers and having kissable breath is definitely a must-have. Not only for our partners, but that ultra-fresh feeling you get after rinsing with mouthwash is now of the highlights of the dental hygiene process. Rinsing daily with certain mouthwashes can also whiten your teeth, help prevent gum disease and fight plaque.

Freshens breath. First and most obviously, mouthwash temporarily reduces bad breath. Mouthwash kills bacteria associated with bad breath, leaving you with minty fresh breath.

Removes particles. While we are taught to use mouthwash after brushing, using it before brushing will rinse out loose particles in your mouth, making brushing and flossing more effective.

Prevents plaque build-up. Various mouthwashes help prevent plaque build-up on your gums and in and around your teeth. It prevents plaque build-up but cannot reduce existing plaque on your teeth. Brush and floss on a daily before plaque becomes a problem.

Stop cavities from forming. Mouthwashes that contain fluoride can prevent cavities and strengthen your enamel. Remember, not all mouthwashes contain fluoride. Be sure to check the label on your mouthwash before purchasing.

Mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing and flossing and should be used in conjunction with good oral health habits. It only takes a moment to rinse but the positive impact on your oral health is much greater. With rinsing daily, you can successfully navigate around dental problems and make future dental visits a breeze.

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