Full Mouth Restoration Before and After

Full Mouth Restoration with Implants and Crowns

For years, this 40-year-old male patient felt burdened by his smile’s alignment, poor health, and appearance, which affected his oral function and self-esteem, and made him a perfect candidate for a full-mouth restoration. Customized to suit a patient’s unique goals and needs, a full mouth restoration is a comprehensive treatment plan that simultaneously elevates your…
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Sherri Before and After

Dental Implants and Crowns

This patient couldn’t chew anything anymore. She was ready to do almost anything to be rid of the pain and be able to eat normally. Even dentures. But nobody really wants dentures. They are notorious for being uncomfortable. They get lost. And the dog sometimes decides to steal them in the middle of the night…
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Alex before and after

Bite Rebuild with Porcelain Crowns

This patient came to us with persistent headaches. He said that he grinds and clenches his teeth a lot and wondered if that was part of the problem. Well, his teeth had definitely shortened over the years. And that had also shortened his bite, which could lead to headaches. So we discussed options and determined…
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Mark Before and After

Invisalign for Dental Health

This patient said he didn’t care as much about appearances as he did functionality. Plain and simple, he wanted straight teeth for better dental health. And he wanted a straight smile. We agreed that Invisalign aligners were just what he needed to accomplish his goals. And in 18 months, his treatment was complete. Our patient…
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David before and after

Full Mouth Restoration and TMJ treatment

With chronic migraines, chewing difficulties, and a crowded smile, the patient was ready for a makeover. And we gave him a full smile in just one month. With a full mouth restoration and opening up his bite, we were able to improve his smile.  Now the patient can eat anything he wants, loves his smile,…
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Dana before and after

Full Mouth Restoration with Crowns and Bridges

Our patient got the smile she was looking for in just 1 month. Her bite was so collapsed that her top teeth completely covered her bottom teeth. It was very hard for her to chew, so she stuck to soft foods. As always with a full mouth restore, our treatment plan was personalized for the…
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Cloyce before and after

Full Mouth Restoration with Porcelain Crowns

This patient couldn’t chew hard foods anymore. His teeth hurt, and he was tired of it. In his 60s, our patient needed more than just a filling or two for his cavities. He needed a full mouth restoration. Of course, every case of full mouth reconstruction is unique, and requires a customized plan. In this…
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Chris before and after

Invisalign and Upper Dental Arch Expansion

This patient grew up with a crossbite and chronic headaches. And his crowded, uneven teeth became more of a bother the older he got. That’s why, in his 30s, he decided to change things. We started with upper dental arch expansion and Invisalign braces. And in just 18 months, he had a new mouth and…
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