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Cerec Crown System

In the old days when you needed a crown, it meant two dental appointments and a lengthy period in a temporary crown, which were often ill-fitting and distracting.  You’d need two days off work for appointments, and if you happened to lose the temporary crown, uh-oh. You’d need to schedule a third appointment to get another temporary.  It could be weeks before your smile was finished.  No wonder people dreaded crowns. There had to be a better way…and now there is. Dr. Gary Alhadef is one of the pioneering dentists who are now using CEREC technology, a unique system that uses digital imagery to create crowns while you wait (about fifteen minutes).  CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and it’s revolutionizing the way our patients feel about crowns.

Using computer-aided software and a special camera that takes a digital impression of your tooth, Dr. Alhadef transmits your exact dimensions to a milling device in the office that goes to work immediately to make your new crown, overlay, or veneer while you relax. No more biting into messy impression molds, or stressful temporary fittings.  And best of all, typically CEREC requires fewer shots with less drilling time!

Why We Like CEREC Crowns & Restorations:

  • Fits you perfectly, unlike temporary crowns
  • Single appointment and you’re done
  • Fewer injections, less drilling
  • Porcelain resists stains & retains natural white color
  • Highly durable and long lasting

CEREC crowns are made from super tough porcelain that is as much as four times stronger than traditional crown material.  Because they are bonded to the teeth, CEREC crowns actually increase the strength of your restored tooth. Regular crowns can actually weaken the structure of the tooth due to the use of metal connections.  But until now, there hasn’t been a better alternative.

Unlike some earlier crowns, CEREC restorations appear extremely natural and are less irritating to the gums. They also do away with metal, giving you 100% mercury-free peace of mind. .  Beyond all the cosmetic benefits, CEREC crowns save that most precious commodity of all: your time. We won’t take it personally if you’d prefer not to see us several times for one procedure!

Curious about whether CEREC crowns are right for you? Ask us at your next appointment.


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