Migraines? Maybe it is TMJ/TMD

Dr. Gary Alhadef, Dallas cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist, sees many patients who complain of chronic migraine headaches. Many times, these patients have unaligned jaws, a problem called TMJ or TMD. Both terms are used to describe Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), the problem of misalignment in the jaw.

This disorder does not cause migraines, although the headaches feel very similar to the pain of a migraine headache. True migraines are vascular in nature, meaning they often involve your blood vessels. On the other hand, TMJ/TMD headaches are caused by the tension of your misaligned jaw bone. In these cases, fixing the position of your jaw can often make the headaches dissipate. Dr. Alhadef is a neuromuscular dentistwho truly understands the connection between the pain you feel in your body and the importance of having your jaw be properly aligned.

How TMJ/TMD Can Cause Headaches

One of the most common causes of jaw misalignment and the subsequent tensions it causes is teeth grinding or clenching. It’s quite common for adults to grind or clench their teeth in their sleep or without otherwise being aware they are doing so. The friction of grinding can damage the joints of your jaw, while clenching your teeth can apply up to 300 pounds of pressure, causing fatigue in the jaw muscles. The tension caused by TMJ/TMD aggravates the jaw and leads to the chronic pain you feel.

How to Find Relief

Proper jaw placement is imperative in the way your body feels. When your jaw is aligned correctly the rest of your body can work properly much more easily. Dr. Alhadef can take you help educate you on the best way to properly align your jaw – whether through a procedure or by wearing a device. After correcting your jaw alignment, your headaches and muscle tensions should be alleviated so that you can feel and function at your best.

If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would like to learn more about how Dr. Alhadef can help relieve the headaches you experience from poor jaw alignment, please contact Dallas, Texas cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Gary Alhadef,today to schedule a consultation.

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