Metal-Free Fillings

Many of us have received amalgam (silver) fillings, but Dr. Alhadef’s cosmetic dentistry practice has made noticeable metal fillings a thing of the past. Aside from creating a more appealing smile visually, metal-free fillings may also be better for your health. Despite warnings and scientific proof that metal-free fillings are a better choice than metal amalgam fillings, many patients are not well-informed as to the benefits of metal-free fillings and the risks of metal amalgam fillings.

Dangers of Amalgam
Most metal amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. One specific danger of these mercury fillings is amalgam poisoning. Signs of amalgam poisoning include:

-Difficulty in concentration and memory
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-Sleep disturbances and restlessness
-Numbness or pain in the arms and legs
-Bleeding gums
Choosing Metal-Free
Metal-free fillings are a great choice if you need new fillings or want to replace metal ones. The advantages to metal free fillings include:

-No release of toxins into the body
-Decreased sensitivity to heat and cold
-Aesthetically appealing and more natural looking
-Stronger bonding to prevent future tooth fractures
-Less vulnerable to pain when biting

Types of Metal-Free Fillings
Metal free fillings come in two specific options.

-Composite Resin dental fillings are made of a plastic dental resin. They are strong, durable, and create a natural looking smile. When this material is used to fill cavities, its color looks like your natural tooth.

-Porcelain fillings are also available and have certain advantages. These fillings require less of your natural tooth material to be removed and don’t transfer hot and cold temperatures as much as metal fillings do.

If you have a new cavity or you want to have old fillings replaced, please contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Gary Alhadef in his Dallas, Texas dental office to schedule a consultation.

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