How to Throw an Outdoor Summer Party in Highland Park, Texas

How to Throw an Outdoor Summer Party in Highland Park, Texas

Summer Party, Texas-Style

Summer is here. With temperatures already in the 90s, we’re all thinking about plans to maximize the next few months. From summer parties to trips to the pool, we know how to do it up right in Highland Park! So if you’re looking to throw a summer party Texas-style, we have a few recommendations to help you maximize your event and enjoy your time outdoors with family and friends.

Pay attention to the weather when picking a date

We all know that meteorologists do their best, but they can never predict with absolute certainty what the weather will be like, especially when it is still a few weeks out. Even though you won’t know the weather forecast for your planned summer party date, there are things you can do to help everyone stay comfortable and beat the heat. The number one rule, of course, is to avoid planning your summer party for the hottest part of the season.

July and August can get quite hot in Highland Park, with temperatures averaging in the high 90s. So, a late June party is often best, or throw one in early September before the kids head back to school. When it comes to the party itself, consider having ways to help your guests stay cool. Consider a mister that people can walk through (or manually spray themselves with) if they want to cool down. Have plenty of ice water on hand for your guests to drink. And ensure that there is some sun cover like an awning, cabana, or picnic pavilion so that everyone can take breaks from the sun.

Insects can be quite the summer party pests

Insect control is one thing that party planners often forget. Mosquitoes, in particular, can be a particular annoyance when you are trying to enjoy a summer party, especially at night time. Consider placing citronella candles on tables, and have child-friendly insect spray available for your guests. If you are planning a party at home or on private land, consider an insect fogger that can be applied in advance to your yard. Insect foggers do an excellent job of keeping bugs away for a day or two.

Choose healthy and refreshing foods for your summer party

We all know that summer parties aren’t complete without burgers and brats. But what about those side dishes? Chips may taste good, but they aren’t all that good for your heart. Plus, chip particles tend to get stuck between your teeth and in the crevices in your gums. Why not change up the typical chip-and-dip strategy with some foods that are healthier for the body and better for your teeth?

There are plenty of summer party foods that are good for your body and teeth. In particular, sliced up pears and apples make for a perfect fruit tray. When it comes to vegetables, consider carrots, celery, and raw broccoli. All of these veggies are good for your party, look great in a summer party vegetable tray, and do a better job of scrubbing off food particle build-up and producing saliva to wash away what’s left.

Create the perfect ambiance with lighting

If your summer party will make its way into the evening hours, consider the type of lighting that you want to help maximize the party mood. Outdoor party lights are a great way to tell everyone that the “fun is here!” If you plan your summer party far enough in advance, look for themed lights that can contribute to the mood. Nowadays, you can find string lights in just about any shape and theme. Flamingo lights are perfect for a pool party. Chili-shaped lights are ideal for an outdoor fiesta. Patio light strings with café shades are an elegant choice when you want to infuse a unique style into your outdoor summer party space.

Concoct summer party mocktails and cocktails

Depending on the type of guest list you are pursuing, a summer party mocktail or cocktail can help maximize the fun. Whether you are looking for a drink that people of all ages can enjoy (mocktail), an adult beverage (cocktail), or something for both, coming up with summer party drinks can be creative and enjoyable. Mojitos are a great choice for summer parties as they can be made as virgin mocktails too.

If a mojito isn’t your thing, consider a cucumber mint twist, berry smash, summer sangria, twisted lemonade, or one of the many mocktail/cocktail combinations found online. Of course, if your summer party is going to include adult beverages, please be sure to drink and serve wisely, and ensure all guests have a safe ride home at the end of the party.

Summer parties are fun, but don’t forget your visit to the dentist!

Summer parties provide an excellent source of stress relief. Though we hope that you can attend party after party this year, we encourage you to still make time during the summer of 2021 to visit your North Dallas cosmetic dentist. Whether you’re interested in teeth whitening, veneers, or any other cosmetic dental procedure, Dallas Cosmetic Dental hopes to see you this summer.

Be sure to request an appointment using our online form or give our office a call. We can’t wait to see you and hear all about your summer party!

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