How to keep snoring from hurting a relationship.




Snoring doesn’t just affect the person doing it, it affects their partner as well. Here are some things you can do to help keep snoring from playing a negative part in an otherwise great relationship:

  • Try sleeping alone. By separating the rooms you and your partner sleep. This is one solution, however may lead to loneliness and frustration in one or both partners.
  • Rein in the frustration. You are not mad at your partner, you are mad that you didn’t get a great night’s sleep because of their snoring. Don’t let small arguments while you’re tired corrupt your feelings towards your partner.
  • Work as a team to find a solution for the snoring. Typically the non-snorer may grow into a degree of resentment for putting up with the snorer and may feel like he or she is not trying to stop the problem.

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