6 Ways to Enjoy Spring in Park Cities, Texas

Springtime in Park Cities Texas

Activities and Adventures During Springtime in Park Cities Texas

The Park Cities area is a truly wonderful place to live. With ample greenery, it offers a real connection to nature. It is also just a stone’s throw away from everything Dallas has to offer. 

You can make the most of this spring with these seven activities to enjoy in Highland Park and University Park:

1. Visit the teddy bear park.

Did you know the Park Cities are home to an incredibly unique park? Lakeside Park is conveniently located in Highland Park and offers 14 acres of beautiful nature. Numerous walking paths let you get close to nature, and you can enjoy the view over the Turtle Creek Dam.

A notable highlight is the number of unique teddy bear statues spread throughout the park.These larger-than-life statues are among the most popular photo opportunities in the area and are sure to please the entire family.

2. Take in the local wildflowers.

One thing that makes springtime in Park Cities, Texas, so special is the gorgeous array of wildflowers. The entire Dallas-Fort Worth area is well known for its wildflowers, and the Park Cities are a prime example.

You can visit any of the parks throughout the area to take in these beautiful flowers as they start to bloom. You’ll see plenty of the state flower, bluebonnets. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is nearby as well, with some stunning sights of its own.

3. Spend more time outside.

One of the best ways to enjoy springtime in Park Cities, Texas, is to ensure that you’re spending plenty of time outside. The great spring climate and plenty of outdoor opportunities provide ample variety for you and your family to embrace the outdoors.

Spending time outdoors can also create time for you to get closer to your family and friends and serves as a fun way to get active. Numerous parks and other outdoor activities make the Park Cities a perfect place to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

4. Check out the Dallas Zoo.

The prime location of the Park Cities makes it easy to access all kinds of activities throughout Dallas, including the Dallas Zoo. The zoo spans 106 acres and features thousands of animals. Lions, gorillas, penguins, Galapagos tortoises, and so much more await you and your family.

Along with touring the zoo at your own pace, the zoo also offers a variety of activities. For example, you can take advantage of spring and summer camps, a great opportunity for your children to learn about nature and have fun doing it.

5. Learn about aircraft, space flight, and more.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field Airport is a wonderful experience right on the doorstep of the Park Cities. The museum features some stunning recreations and real planes from early aviation, World War I and II, and beyond.

With a collection featuring rare one-of-a-kind survivors of aircraft throughout history, you won’t find an experience like the Frontiers of Flight Museum anywhere else. You can even see the real Apollo 7 Command Module from the first crewed flight of NASA’s Apollo program.

6. Enjoy the exceptional shopping at Highland Park Village.

As spring takes hold, you can experience world-class shopping and restaurants at the Park Cities’ very own open-air shopping center. Highland Park Village offers many unique shops and dining experiences, all in a beautiful, historic open-air setting.

The village includes a variety of restaurants that appeal to any taste. Among the best is Bistro 31, a unique blend of French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine with a continuously updated menu. You can check out what’s new there this spring.

Don’t Forget Your Family’s Health

With so many exciting opportunities to take advantage of this springtime in Park Cities, Texas, it is important to prioritize your health as well—and that includes your oral health.

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