Dr. Alhadef: Why I Practice Dentistry

Dr. Alhadef: Why I Practice Dentistry

My story starts with a love for repairing.

When I was young, I was always inquisitive about how things worked. I would take things apart—from stereos to electric can openers to the air conditioner. The trick was getting them back together again. It was gratifying to be able to put them back together and even repair them myself. And I believe this gave me a very early taste for analyzing and restoring beauty and function in dentistry.

I also enjoyed model building in my youth. I would build planes, ships, and cars. I would make large balsa wood planes that I would take out and fly, along with Estes model rockets, which were my favorites.

I believe these hobbies helped me to develop my eye-hand coordination and attention to detail at an early age. That’s why cosmetic and restorative dentistry is not just another medical procedure for me. It’s an art.

One thing I hear from my patients is that their veneers don’t look like veneers. Their crowns don’t look like crowns. Their veneers and crowns look like teeth. And of course, that’s what everyone wants. Every single tooth and veneer is different because every single one is a work of art, custom made to fit my patient’s unique smile.

I have a desire to change lives for the better.

Comprehensive dentistry is not just about fixing teeth. A beautifully restored smile with proper function changes a person’s life. To be able to eat comfortably and smile with confidence in social situations—this is life changing. I love being a part of that, and there’s nothing that can take the place of knowing you’ve helped someone else in a significant way.

I’ve seen people come to my office afraid to smile or embarrassed by their teeth. I get to see them leave with renewed energy and confidence.

We have the ability to offer many treatment options.

I love having the ability to choose from many treatment options to come up with what is best for my patients. Since I am trained and experienced in all facets of dentistry, we are able to look at many options with dental treatment. I know that with many dental practices, patients are going to get the treatment plan that matches the doctor’s ability, or they are going to be referred away. Being referred away is fine, especially if it’s someone else referring to us, but referrals can also cause a break in the continuity of the patient’s experience where they feel they have to start over with another doctor getting to know their smile and their needs. Or maybe they have to explain their fears or hopes all over again.

My patients don’t get that disjointedness here. I practice full comprehensive dentistry and there is very little that I have to refer out to other practices.

I love to give back.

I love giving back to the community. We enjoy helping less fortunate people and providing low-cost or free care for those in need. Teaching about dentistry is always fun, too. Sometimes that’s teaching a kid about big bad germs. Sometimes that’s consulting with an adult about restoring their smile and seeing the light come on in their eyes.

And I am intrigued by technology.

I admit it—I’m a techie.

It is such a great time to be a dentist with the many high-tech options available. So many people have an idea in their heads of dentistry that matches what we had in decades past. I love to be able to present them a with a totally different experience than the one they were expecting.

Whether it’s making a dental crown in as little as an hour with CEREC technology, or laser dentistry for gum contouring or surgery, my staff and I enjoy the many tools we have available to provide fast and efficient dental care.

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