General Dentistry

The best way to protect your beautiful smile is by preventing problems before they start. Most of the conditions that negatively affect your smile can be avoided with regular care. Dr. Alhadef and his team are committed to answering your questions about proper hygiene and to providing you with the most advanced preventive dentistry possible.

These are just a few of the services available through general dentists, and a general dentist and specialist in cosmetic dentistry like General Dentist, Dr. Alhadef, serving Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, and Irving, Texas can add a host of additional services to this list to enhance your smile.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is the term applied to all aspects of dental care, including preventing, diagnosing and treating dental issues. General dentists address diseases and disorders of teeth, gums and the jaw and face. General dentistry should ideally be primarily preventative in nature, aiming through patient education and exemplary self care, combined with routine dental cleanings (every six months) to prevent the development of critical dental problems.

What kind of training do dentists receive to provide general dentistry?

Prospective general dentists typically receive a BS or BA degree and follow this schooling with four or more years at an accredited dental school. Their final degree is generally a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). These are simply different titles for the same type of education. Dr. Gary Alhadef received his DDS degree from Baylor College and offers cosmetically-focused dental services. He also received training at the LVI education facility and is certified in full-mouth and esthetic reconstruction. His education includes advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ therapy.

What can you expect as you work with your general dentist?

As your dentist examines your teeth and gums, he/she will work with you to develop a plan designed to meet your specific needs that includes routine dental cleanings and examinations, x-rays, potential tooth scaling and use of diagnostic tools to detect any other problems early. Dr. Alhadef’s specialty is to enhance your confidence levels by ensuring you put you’re your best smile forward. He offers a host of restorative options that can have you looking great in no time while also improving the overall health of your teeth and gums. Dr. Alhadef is a member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The American Dental Association, The Texas Dental Association, The Dallas County Dental Society, and the International Association of Orthodontics. He is also certified to provide Invisalign, the new, nearly invisible alternative to braces.

What are some typical general dentistry procedures?

Some of the procedures a general dentist might perform include the insertion of dental fillings to repair damage to a tooth or teeth. Another procedure might be bonding, a process that uses composite resins to glue materials to the surface of teeth that are chipped or worn. Misaligned teeth are corrected with braces and retainers through orthodontics. Root canals extract infected pulp from inside the tooth’s root chamber. A crown caps a tooth for protection. Dental crowns repair severely decayed or damaged teeth. Dental bridges replace missing teeth with artificial ones. Early gum disease treatment includes tooth scaling, cleaning and proper flossing. Later-stage gum disease treatment may include deep-planing to properly clean and heal the gums, periodontal surgery and laser surgery.

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