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“Before I got new top and bottom veneers on my teeth, it didn’t fully realize what a difference they could make in appearance and confidence. The comment that I have heard more than once is: “You seem to keep getting younger every time I see you.”

When I tell people what it is—my new teeth—they often comment how they’ve seen so many others with veneers that look fake. That’s where the artistry of Dr. Gary Alhadef comes in. He knows that we don’t all have the same shapes and colors of teeth. There’s no cookie cutter mold. It’s a process of careful analysis, design and sculpting expertise, and precise application. Thank you, Dr. Alhadef! ” – Beverly

“After my wisdom teeth came in, my mouth felt overcrowded. I heard from friends about Dr. Alhadef’s great work, and I trusted his knowledge and expertise. Dr. Alhadef answered all my concerns and questions, and I felt comfortable that he could provide me the dental services I needed. Now, I love, love, love my new smile! People constantly tell me how pretty my smile and teeth are. If you want to change your smile, go for it with Dr. Alhadef. You will not be disappointed.” – Karen H.

“My dentures were causing problems in my jaw, and my dentist (at the time) and I were not on the same page. After a friend recommended Dr. Alhadef, and after having my initial appointment with him, I was confident that he could fix my problems. I was impressed by how professional and concerned Dr. Alhadef was, and I found his team to be friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. Since seeing Dr. Alhadef, I can smile and not be self-conscious! Best of all, my jaw’s bone structure issues have been alleviated. If you’re thinking about a new dentist, contact Dr. Alhadef for an initial appointment at the very least. You’ll be so glad you did.” – Bob H.

“When friends are looking for great dental care, I always give them Dr. Alhadef’s number. I’ve been a patient of his for a long time, and he has improved both my appearance and my dental hygiene. Dr. Alhadef’s team is as great at what they do as Dr. Alhadef is at dental work. I fully recommend this great dentist and his team!” – Todd D.

“I never needed braces as a child, but I was concerned about how my teeth might shift as I grew older. I wanted a permanent smile solution, but I had some poor dental experiences in the past and was therefore a bit anxious about dental care. My sister- and brother-in-law were impressed after visiting Dr. Alhadef, so I gave him a try. It was great! I felt I always had a nice smile, but Dr. Alhadef made it even more awesome! People now comment all the time on my smile. If you’re looking for the perfect smile you always wanted, go for it! Dr. Alhadef and his team can help!” – Sharon V.

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