Dallas Dental Care – Patient Testimonials

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“Before I got new top and bottom veneers on my teeth, I didn’t fully realize what a difference they could make in appearance and confidence” Karen HRead full story as featured in Estate Life »

“I like Dr. Alhadef but my teeth love him. I found Dr. A in DMagazine’s annual doctor issue a couple of years ago. I quit my last dentist because I could only get in when thier calendar allowed. My calendar didn’t matter. Dr. A’s office is responsive to messages and ALWAYS books me when my schedule permits. I can’t say enough about the friendly staff. It felt like I’d know them for years on my first visit. They are simple a great group of ladies! My hygienist gives me a thorough cleaning without digging & and heavy handidness. Dr. A replaced a crown and is filling a cavity next week. I recommend this dental practice highly. They have a patient in me for a very long time.” Charolette S.

“I have confidence in Dr Alhadef ..His skills are unparalled I’ve been worked on by oral surgeons from Viet Nam and NYC and This man is fast..Skilled surgeons with many years of experience have seen it all and preform with speed accuracy and confidence. You want the best surgeon ; its inexpensive compared to surgeons not at his level, and the results. You don’t want the cheapest ; you want the BEST. You don’t tell him; HE TELLS YOU. I’d go to the wall with this man. Brilliant Oral Surgeon.” Don B.

“Dr. Alhadef is the best Dentist that I have ever gone too. He has corrected my bite and he is the first Dentist that has successfully put in crowns that don’t crack immediately! I have short teeth and crowns have been difficult for me to get the height correct for my bite without breaking the porcelain crowns. Since I started coming to Dr. Alhadef I have not had those issues.
I also love the staff and feel that they take a genuine interest in me and my dental care. Very happy with my experience. I did not have a good experience with my last Dentist, so this last year has been wonderful!” – Tina R.

“Wanted to send a follow up….Dr. Alhadef SAVED THE DAY!! He was amazing! I flew in Thursday night, he saw me Friday morning – even when the office was technically closed. He hooked me up and I just had my 2nd night of pain free sleeping in the past 15 days!!! LOVE HIM” – Trish S.

“Dear Dr. Alhadef, I am writing to you because I want you to know what an amazing experience that I have had as a patient at your practice. I am so happy and thankful for what you have done. I know that my mouth was in a critical state when I met you. Your treatment plan, your work, diligence, knowledge and experience gave me back my smile and health. I am truly grateful for that. It is one of the most important things that I have done for myself.” – Kristen H.

“If you want the best in dental health care, look no further than the team at the dentist office of Dr. Gary Alhadef. Appointments are always on time, staff is professional yet very friendly. I dread going to the dentist (childhood phobia about pain=dentist), but always glad I did after visiting Dr. Alhadefs’ office as I feel confident my about the care given to my dental health.” – Dan

“I have only been very afraid of pulling my teeth out but I really wanted to get invisalign, so I had to remove the wisdom teeth. The process was quick (1hr), and I was under general anesthesia (which I highly recommend). When I woke up I only had mild discomfort, but I was running errands at home like doing laundry and working from home with no problem. I wish I had gotten it done early. Thank you Dr. Alhadef.” – Monica

“This is the best service that I have ever experiences in my life. all the staff members is real people friendly and the waiting time for being seen is real brief.I would recommend family and friends to enjoy a real professional dentistry in Dallas,TX.” – Joseph M.

“We ave enjoyed a relationship with Dr. Alhadef and all of his staff for years. Everyone in the office is friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. David and I have beautifully restored smiles that we are so proud of. Thanks to Doc and the great people who work for him!” – Barbara W.

“All four ladies that work there are rockstars for putting up with me. They treat me like a celebrity. Dr. Gary is a real professional with the latest in pain-free technology, and he has been that way for the past 20 years that I have been his patient.” – Justin L.

“Everyone is outstanding. They always make me feel special!” – Donnie G.

“Everyone is always so friendly and accommodating!” – Wendi M.

“The best dental visit ever! Dr.Gary Alhadef and staff represent the best in dentistry. I have been a patient for many years and I have enjoyed having them on my team. My last visit to his office was the best ever. I needed to have a cavity filled and it was accomplished in record time with no need of any type of medication and with no pain. It was so quick and pain free, that I could not believe that the procedure was over. He has the state of the art in equipment and is very knowledgeable. There is not a better dental office in this area.” – Steven P.

“The entire staff is great!” – Elaine W.

“The entire staff goes out of their way to assist and are friendly and welcoming.” – Mindy B.

“I was very pleased with the concern and care that I received from Dr. Alhadef’s staff.” – Jerry C.

“I look forward to seeing Julie Dallas at each visit!” – Margretta W.

“Wonderful camaraderie in the whole office makes for a very safe experience. Thank you”. – Liz J.

“I have had the unique opportunity to see Dr. Alhadef’s work, and hear his team communicating with patients. I would have to say that he not only has created a 5 star environment and service atmosphere in his dental practice, but also delivers a 5 start quality of dentistry. This is a unique combination. Dr. Alhadef is well informed of the advances in dentistry and he is always at the top of his game. He uses the best quality dental laboratories (master ceramists), uses the best materials for his patients (not what is cheapest) and provides state of the art dentistry at a comfortable, caring environment. I guess that is what you might call “dedication to excellence”.
I am very proud to have had the opportunity to work with him and see him and his team in action.” – Shervin E.

“We are always treated like family. Our boys have been taken care of by your office since they were 2 and 4 years old(now 16 and 18) and have always loved the visits. We hear friends of ours who struggle with their children and their dentist. We have never had that issue. We have a lot of trust in Dr. Alhadef and the wonderful ladies that support him! We love you guys!” – Mary J.

“Finished the event walking/carrying bags/and playing 72 holes Monday at Royal Oaks. Made it with energy to spare—thanks to the PPM.” – Rick A., Vice President

“Dr. Gary, hope you are well. Just wanted to give you an update on Antonio and the PPM. Antonio started using it last Monday. Right away he reported better balance and flexibility. I noticed that this weekend at a Wrestling tournament. His balance was very good, as he would get in scrambles and not be taken down. He wrestled 7 times and won six. His lone loss coming to a more experienced wrestler. His flexibility and range of motion are better. That one is important to us considering that this year he missed a month and 1/2 of the HS Wrestling season due to an injury (stinger on the neck) and better flexibility means less threat of a recurrence of the injury. The results are good. I am anxious to see what else he gets done training and competing with the PPM! He competes again this weekend, I will let you know how he does. Thanks for your help, I am thrilled!” – Francis M.

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