5 Famous People, Their Smile Makeover, and Their Story

5 Famous People, Their Smile Makeover, and Their Story

Modern technology can help you improve your appearance without breaking the bank.

When a romantic comedy stars a tomboy who isn’t comfortable in dresses and lets her hair run wild, there’s almost always a moment in the movie where she’s given a makeover. The once-scruffy girl is revealed to be gorgeous when she’s all dressed up and her best features are accentuated; everyone in the movie oohs and ahhs, while a good portion of moviegoers roll their eyes at the cliché. Clichés exist for a reason, though; wouldn’t most of us appreciate a sudden transformation like that?

Even a small change to your appearance, such as a different hairstyle or straighter teeth, can transform your appearance and build up your confidence, helping you love yourself more and feel more sure of yourself; it can even impact your work life by improving people’s first impressions of you! Advanced technology has helped cosmetic treatments become easier and more affordable while ensuring they look completely natural. In fact, you see people who have received dramatic makeovers every day on the TV. If you’re a little nervous about how your makeover might turn out, here are the stories of 5 famous people who underwent makeovers with no regrets!

1. Jordyn Woods’ “Bittersweet” Story

For years, Jordyn Woods’ gap-toothed grin was iconic; the model, who is a huge advocate for body positivity, has always received both positive and negative comments about her smile. Despite this, she stated on multiple occasions that she loved her smile and wouldn’t change it just to fit in, writing on Instagram in 2017, “My gap makes me who I am.” Recently, however, Jordyn woke up one morning and decided she wanted to make a change—not to make her critics happy, but for herself. So she found a cosmetic dentist she trusted and got veneers to close the gap in her smile. Although Jordyn described the change as bittersweet, she also indicated it was worth it, telling Refinery 29, “I feel like I smile a lot more.” Jordyn’s gap-toothed grin was certainly charming, but we also love her new smile—and, most importantly, that it’s making her happy.

2. Niall Horan Builds Confidence with a Smile Makeover

It’s hard to imagine now, but before Niall Horan rocketed to fame on The X Factor, his teeth were stained, misaligned, and very crooked. During an interview, Niall even stated that if he could change one thing about his body, it’d be his teeth. After the band started becoming successful, the star fulfilled that wish, getting braces to align his bite and whitening his smile to perfect his image. Repairing his least favorite feature probably helped his confidence, too!

3. Anne Hathaway’s Hair Redos

Anne Hathaway garnered worldwide attention in 2012 when she sheared her hair off on camera for her part as Fantine in the musical Les Miserables. Anne volunteered to cut her hair to help capture Fantine’s pain and desperation, but she’d never had short hair in her life and was initially devastated by the change, calling it one of the most difficult moments of her career and telling The Mirror, “I was inconsolable.” Once she was over the shock of just how different her hair looked, however, Anne fell in love with it and started looking forward to dyeing it, saying, “I’m really excited—I’m going to start doing all the tangerines and pinks and have some fun.” Anne’s short bob even became her trademark style for several years before she decided to grow it out again for a change of pace.

4. Matthew Lewis’s Makeover Sparks a New Catch Phrase

Matthew Lewis, who played the awkward, forgetful Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, is practically the poster child for dramatic transformations. According to Matthew, he was instructed not to let dentists fix his teeth throughout the filming of the entire series—a span of 10 years! As Matthew began to grow out of some of his natural awkwardness, the films made him look geekier by having him wear a fat suit, false teeth, and prosthetics behind his ears to make them stick out. While these additions were gone by the last Harry Potter films, they still made Matthew’s transformation even more astonishing to fans. In reality, Matthew’s teeth weren’t as bad off as they looked in most of the films—if you look closely, you can see his real teeth in the last two movies—but there was definitely room for improvement. As soon as the movies finished filming, Matthew got his teeth straightened and began working out more, completing a transformation so astonishing that it sparked a new term: Neville Longbottoming.

5. Kathy Ireland’s Fall and Restoration

After a bad fall off of her kids’ wagon, the entrepreneur and former Sports Illustrated cover girl was left with a split forehead, a broken nose, and multiple broken teeth. Despite her serious injuries, Kathy remained good-natured about the accident, telling Dear Doctor with a laugh, “I learned that my love of adventure exceeds my coordination.” Once she recovered from her injuries, Kathy had to undergo several cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore her smile, including veneers and a dental implant to replace one of her teeth. Thankfully, her dentist was able to restore her smile to its natural beauty—you’d never know she has an implant or veneers!

While appearances are a big part of the way people perceive us and even how we express ourselves, the most important part about undergoing any makeover is finding a look that makes you happy and rebuilds your self-confidence.

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